Pender brothers: Joseph, Jeffrey, and David

Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, the fishing flats, and the communities. There is an ecological crisis due to a BP Oil Spill and the loss of life is catastrophic. The Pinder brothers of Grand Bahama Bonefishing are alive and slowly recovering what they can in the aftermath.

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Dear fishing enthusiast,

Fishing with Grand Bahama Bonefishing is a rare lifetime experience. This is because we offer an unmatched fishing experience with some of the best guides in the Bahamas. On the water, your guides can offer you real-time coaching (if you want) and offer optimum positioning based on the current light, wind, tide, and habitat conditions. Their enthusiasm and personalities, matched with their skill, makes a lasting positive impression and send you home with new stories to share.

Our primary goal is that you will enjoy excellent fishing; wonderful companionship, story telling, and an exceptional adventure each time out on the waters of Grand Bahama Island.

We are here to answer your questions. Please contact us at any time and let us help!

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Grand Bahama Bonefishing


Where we fish...

Just imagine…

100 Nautical Miles of pristine flats…

Go the entire day and see no other boats...

It is just you and millions of bonefish…

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